Bassano del Grappa

Crossed by the river Brenta, Bassano del Grappa is one of the most populous and developed cities in the Veneto region. Bassano’s handicraft, its excellent ceramics and the traditional art of cooking dishes like asparagus, “Baccalà” (dried cod cooked by the local recipe) and “Grappa” (typical spirit distilled from grapes), are the pride of the town. Every visit to Bassano has to begin with a walk on the “Ponte Vecchio” (the Old Bridge), where tourists from all over the world gather to take pictures of the evocative mountains view in the background and to purchase local crafts in the small shops nearby.

The bridge was originally designed by the famous architect Andrea Palladio in the XVI century and it was later rebuilt after World War II, when it was blown up. When in Bassano it is also recommended a tour of the old distilleries and a Grappa tasting tour.